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Business Premises

Maintaining your business today is as important as ever so you need as little distraction as possible. Adams Trees can and does provide a professional and comprehensive service to ensure the grounds and trees are well maintained to guarantee that the best first impressions are made. We are able to be reactive to short term needs and emergencies as well as provide longer term solutions to minimise your ongoing grounds management costs.

Schools and Teaching Establishments

Working outside the teaching times means that there is minimal distraction or disruption to you or your students. Worksites are always cleared, leaving no hazards or mess. If requested, eco piles can be created at strategic locations which not only provide valuable habitat but also demonstrate sound ecological practice.

Estates and Letting Agencies

The importance of image and first impressions cannot be understated, especially when your clients decisions can be directly influenced. Adams Trees has a good reputation for providing a fast and cost effective service. This provision ensures that the best is made of the existing garden trees, shrubs and hedges so as to present a light, airy and tidy approach and surround to any property.

Additionally we provide wood chip coverings for unkempt borders, layered over weed suppressing sheeting this establishes good clear surfaces around paths and lawns adding to the well looked after appearance. The results are long lasting and can easily be maintained by further applications of chips in the future.

General Service Provisions

For all of our clients we provide a service which will mitigate problems and provide solutions for:

  • Oversize trees or shrubs
  • Removal of dead, dying and dangerous branches
  • Initial or replanting or trees or shrubs
  • Bird droppings on vehicles
  • Low branches
  • Overgrown hedges
  • Broken/damaged trees and shrubs
  • New or replacement fencing
  • Unkempt borders
  • Garden tidies for initial or re-letting and sales
  • Clearing vegetation from buildings (ivy etc)
  • Raising tree canopies and clearing low vegetation to provide clear lines of sight, improving safety and security
  • Ensuring billboards and signage are not obscured by vegetation and remain visible to all

How We Minimise Disruption

The use of power tools such as chainsaws can be noisy and disruptive but a surprising amount of arboricultural work is undertaken with minimum noise using hand tools only. This approach is often a preferred technique as it allows for precise cuts and managed noise during tree work. Although we may be working in close proximity to your clients or business we aim to allow you to continue your day or business as usual. Unfortunately this cannot always be the case, as such we liaise with you to select appropriate dates which reduce or avoid any nuisance.

If you would like more information about our fencing services please feel free to contact us to arrange a site visit and a free, no obligation, estimate.

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